The Association of Clinical and Translational Statisticians encourages the interaction and exchange of ideas among its members to enhance the design, implementation, and analysis of clinical and translational studies. The Association encourages optimal experimental/study design and data analysis plans, fosters the establishment of appropriate methodological standards, and serves as an advocate for its members.

Upcoming Events

2023 ACTStat Meeting

We are excited to announce our 2023 ACTStat Annual Meeting will be held in person in Toronto, Canada, on August 5th and 6th.

This is an excellent opportunity to network with researchers interested in enhancing clinical and translational studies' design, implementation, and analysis.

Brown Bag Career Development Series

The job market has evolved in the past few years. ACTStat is committed to supporting its members in their career development. Therefore, we are creating a series of short talks that will be held online. We invite our members to participate in these series to promote themselves and learn about new topics that will help them to succeed in their careers.