Year 2017
Individualized Treatment Effects Using a Non-parametric Bayesian Approach by Ravi Varadhan and Nicholas C. Henderson
SMART Designs by Kelley M. Kidwell, Ph.D.
Leveraging Prognostic Baseline Variables to Gain Precision in Randomized Trials by Michael Rosenblum
LEADER: An Acronym Definition by Matthew S. Mayo, Ph.D., M.B.A
Beyond the intention to treat effect: Per-protocol effects in randomized trials by Miguel Hernan
Bayesian Latent Subgroup Design for Basket Trials by Yiyi Chu
Handling Baseline Variables in the Design and Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials: An Illustration of the Gap between Statistical Theory and Practice by Jody D. Ciolino, Ph.D.
Year 2015
Discovery and Validation of Biomarkers for Cancer: 15 Years of Experience with the Early Detection Research Network by Margaret Sullivan Pepe
A Novel Method for Expediting the Development of Patient Reported Outcome Measures by Lili Garrad, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate
On Model Selections for Repeated Measurement Data in Clinical Research by Baiming Zou
ACTStat Sounding Board on Teaching Investigators How to Interact with Statisticians on Collaborative Grants by James J. Grady and Jonathan D. Mahnken
Year 2014
The Interface Between Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management by Slide Brad H. Pollock, MPH, Ph.D. and Rick Ittenbach, Ph.D.
Innovative Approaches to Incorporating Ethics in Biostatistics Curricula by Shelley Hurwitz
Teaching Statistical Ethics via Lectures, Group Discussions, and Peer Mentoring by Jeffrey D. Dawson
Teaching Ethics for Biostatisticians by Kathryn Chaloner